How to Choose a Pressure Washer for Your Personal Needs?

All power washers do not allow cleaning and cleaning of all surfaces. The level of equipment, sophistication, and price are decisive before choosing the model adapted to its needs. The leading brands that I personally recommend are Kärcher & DeWalt.


The pressure washers can be used for routine maintenance (e.g., cleaning a terrace or courtyard) but also for chipping garden furniture, facades … However, according to their level of equipment, their sophistication and, as a consequence, their price, all the models offered on the market are not able to accomplish all of these tasks. It is, therefore, necessary to clearly identify his needs before making his choice.

Moreover, the cleaners are not all good. Thus, I use sites like ReviewsByExperts & BestReviews to test and find out which pressure washers are not suitable for degreasing engines, garage floors or pool walls. For these applications, it is necessary to invest in a quality pressure washer, an expenditure of at least 300 dollars. But other points need to be checked before buying.


It gives an indication of what the device is capable of doing. But, contrary to what is often heard, pressure alone does not do everything. The efficiency of a cleaner depends first and foremost on the successful combination of flow, power, and accessories. A challenge that all do not fall under. Hence the usefulness of consulting the results of the comparative tests like this one here!


Pressure Washers work with water and electricity, two elements that do not mix. Avoid connecting the appliance to the electrical outlet using extension cords. In fact, the longer the power cable, the better!


Four meters seem to be the minimum to be able to maneuver the cleaner in all flexibility. Good news, the vast majority of devices in shelves are above this threshold.


This feature is not available for all cleaners. However, it is not as important as some sellers say. The various tests show that models lacking this function can be as, or even more efficient than those equipped with them. In any case, the closer the nozzle is to the surface to be cleaned, the more powerful the impact of the water and the easier the dirt will be eliminated.


At purchase, the models are more or less well endowed. And, of course, this is felt in the price of the cleaner. It is always possible to complete its initial installation with accessories available in store (rotating brushes, pipe extensions …). But beware, these supplements are often expensive.

Morality ? Depending on how you plan to use your cleaner, it may be best to buy a complete cleaner from the start. Thus, the rotating brush is essential to clean effectively. On the other hand, the brushes “special body” are not of great interest. Our comparative tests show that they do not serve many purposes, the most efficient method to wash your car remaining manual washing. Conversely, the sandblasting kit can be a significant ally for deep scouring metal gates, painted gates or walls. As for the self-feeding device, it will be useful only if there is a pool of water (pond, tank) in which the water used by the cleaner can be drawn.